Secure Digital Transformation

Innovation and IT Optimization through Digital transformation is vital as organizations are driving to deliver better business outcomes by enabling key business objectives such as cost optimization, business continuity, business agility, competitive advantage, and a better overall customer experience. As enterprises shift into the age of digital transformation, ExcelNet can help your organization deliver optimal business outcomes by leveraging the latest technologies in intelligent networking, unified communications, virtualization, Cloud, and cybersecurity.

Digital Transformation plays a critical role in business practices and business goal achievements. The integration of digital technology into all areas of the business will drive a better alignment between IT and your business objectives.


Software-Defined Networking

Virtual Network Functions

Software Defined Data Center

Cloud Transformation


Unified Communications


We are in a new era of technology. Transitioning to a digital business model and recognizing that the adoption of multiple cloud services such as AWS, utilizing SaaS applications such as Office 365, the increase in a mobile workforce, and branch services such as guest Wi-Fi are impacting the WAN. SD-WAN technology is reshaping the enterprise and enabling to respond to the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

SD-WAN technology optimizes application performance, enhances business agility, reduces operating expenses, and improves operational efficiencies delivered over a flexible transport design. In a decentralized internet SD-WAN design, additional security complexities are introduced that need to be properly designed and architected when deploying the technology to ensure that data and application traffic remain secure while benefiting from the operational enhancements and cost benefits.

Learn how ExcelNet can help your organization embrace SD-WAN without compromising on security.

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Network Function virtualization (NFV) Transformation enables organizations to rapidly spin up or spin down network functions such as routers and firewalls via centralized orchestration system on standardized compute devices and alleviates the traditional dedicated physical hardware constraints. With NFV organizations can reduce hardware footprint, physical risks, and incorporate a flexible as-a-service model for network functions.

NFV Transformation Benefits:

  •  Accelerate business agility through automated & rapid on-demand NFV deployments
  • Optimize Scale and flexibility of adding & removing services to address changing business demands
  • Reduce physical CPE footprint with virtualized software based NFVs
  • Reduce CapEx: Move from a purpose-built device to a flexible as-a-service model
  • Reduce OpEx: reduce hardware, space, power, cooling, and simplify roll out.
  • Reduce your hardware risk


Lower Data Center costs through virtualization. With software-defined data center (SDDC), the computing infrastructure, memory, storage, networking, and security are virtualized and decoupled from the physical server / device hardware. ExcelNet can help your organization enable a fully virtualized data center fully and manage the environment utilizing automation software and optimize your application workloads.

  • Elastic and scalable infrastructure
  • Optimized application performance
  • Optimized and agile operations
  • Higher availability and business continuity
  • CapEx and OpEx Cost reduction


Accelerate Cloud Migration and management with Confidence.
ExcelNet can help ensure that your cloud migration is efficient, seamless, and secure. Let ExcelNet handle your cloud migrations and move your data and applications to the cloud, so you can focus on your business. Our cloud transformation solutions include:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Management
  • Cloud Backup & Recovery

Migrating to the cloud will enable cost savings, operational efficiencies, better application performance, workload scalability, and improved availability. Excelnet focuses on successful cloud migrations, fully management of the cloud environment, and protection of your data and intellectual property utilizing cybersecurity and data backup safeguards.

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Connect Your Business with a Reliable VoIP and enhanced collaboration tools. Transition from Legacy Voice to VoIP and Unified Communications. Voice calls remain a critical aspect for business communications. Utilizing the WAN for IP communications enabled better quality, higher resiliency, cost reduction, and opportunity to enable enhanced collaboration tools such as messaging, video, conferencing, team collaboration, and more.

  • Enhanced Collaboration Tools
  • Peace of mind – Secure, Resilient, Highly Available, and Scalable
  • Cost Saving through on-net SIP calling

Transform your legacy TDM voice environment to a VoIP & IP Unified Communications platform.

ExcelNet will help your organization design, deploy, and manage your IP telephony and UC architecture from end to end. VoIP transformation provides immediate cost saving through on-net SIP calling and increased availability.

  • VoIP / UC Design
  • Deployment Services
  • Device Configuration and Turn up
  • End User training
  • Fully managed
  • Architected for Security, High Availability, and Scalability