Cybersecurity Complete

The technology landscape is evolving where users are increasingly becoming more mobile and utilize multiple devices to conduct daily tasks, applications becoming more dispersed with hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, and the growth of internet has introduced new complexities in securing your business infrastructure. As a result, the cybersecurity landscape is also constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. ExcelNet provides complete, end-to-end, and fully managed security solutions to protect your users, network, data, and business from security threats.


24x7x365 Security Threat Monitoring & management using Next-generation machine learning-based intelligent protection for endpoints, networks, applications and users.

Threat Detection | Incident Response | Deep Threat Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence | Behavioral heuristic for Zero-hour Threats


Cybersecurity is what we do. Protecting sensitive data, reducing security risks, and optimizing overall corporate security posture is embedded into everything we do. ExcelNet Managed Security Services deliver enterprise-class threat detection and remediation through our team of security experts, threat intelligence database, and automated AI driven tools.

Our experts will assist with security architecture design, deploy the solution, manage the infrastructure, and continuously optimize for performance and security.


Get Peace of Mind with SOC Services. Our Security Operations delivers 24×7 Cyberthreat monitoring, threat intelligence, log management & correlation, and threat analysis. Our Expert Security Engineers and managed SIEM will enable actionable intelligence, conduct advanced threat analysis, as well as investigative and remediation assistance.

ExcelNet delivers an optimized security posture for your organization


SDP is a new approach for securing network access to business applications and data. This sophisticated architecture is reshaping the future of network security. SDP reduces risk by restricting network access to authorized resources. Connectivity is based on a need-to-know basis, so every device and identity must be verified before being granted access to the network. SDP also utilizes Private address space to ensure that applications are invisible to hackers. ExcelNet provides full SDP management. Contact us today to learn more about SDP.


ExcelNet can help restore your website to its original state. We provide 24×7 website monitoring, threat detection services, remediation / cleansing (removing the corrupt data), restore your site, and protect via web application firewall blocking malicious attacks before they even happen.


ExcelNet provides internal and external vulnerability scanning, risk based reporting and interactive web portal access to assess the results. We can help assess your security architecture weak / vulnerable areas continuously, alert on critical vulnerabilities, provide a remediation plan, and help resolve the security gap.

Predict | Detect | Prevent | Respond